Building yo Rig

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Building your first rig can be exciting, but as well as that it can also be daunting if you have never done anything like it before. Do not worry, relax, it can all be taken care of and is really not that complicated once you get going. Have you ever played with that toy where you put the shapes through their corresponding holes? That and a how to are about the main skills you need to have. I remember when I first inherited the old family PC and was told it was mine to do with what I will. it did not take very long before I started understanding that it was not as good as the other PC, and before I started asking questions when we would go to the local PC shops as to what could be done about it. I had not even hit double digits when I saved up enough money and with a little help (and stern warning that that was the only PC I would have) from my family before I attempted some simple hardware upgrades. It was RAM and the HDD, which meant I would have to install the OS as well.

I remember starting with the RAM, as I had seen the gentleman in the store perform this and it looked relatively simple. It is. You remove the old RAM, and put the new RAM in properly. I fired up the PC to make sure everything was fine, and sure enough, the PC read the new RAM and was already feeling quicker. The HDD taught me a lesson however. I did not fully understand at the time that just because the HDD had an operating system on it before (it was used) it would not simply work like the RAM did. I hooked it all up and then my heart sank, which is a feeling you will get used to if you work on computers long enough. After some research though, I found the solution to my problem and had it all up and running by the end of the night. Feeling like I was some sort of tech genius, as well as feeling like I almost had a brand new computer was pretty satisfying, and begun an life long hobby for me. After that it was all down hill, I thought I could take on any problem. Of course this was not the case, and it took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of malfunctioning hardware to get to the point where you can intuitively know what is wrong, but once the initial trouble shooting concept is down, that is all you have to do.

As for an entire rig, it is much the same, but with more steps. Understanding the functions of each piece of hardware is the first step, and then after you begin researching what it is you want your PC to do, and find parts that are within your budget. Once you have all the appropriate parts, order a pizza and start putting them together one at a time, and by the end of the night you will have a brand new PC that is custom to you!

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