Gaming Addiction

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Online gaming or any kind of video gaming can become an addiction. It’s a lot like gambling, in which people can also become addicted to online. In our world today, we have all kinds of devices we can play games on. We can carry them around with us. This can become a great distraction in our lives. When the addict can not play the game, he will become distraught or depressed. Some will become angry and not want to sleep or eat. This is a very real thing and unlike substance abuse no one really knows how to fix it. You can try counseling, but most of the time it doesn’t help.

Father dragging son from the computer. Parent pulling child from laptop. Computer Addiction

Doctors suggests that addictive gaming releases dopamine in our brains. That’s a chemical in our brains that makes us feel good. This disorder is not yet recognized by the American Medical Association. Its bad enough that we have these games on our phones and tablets that we can take anywhere, we now have Virtual gaming. This is when you virtually put yourself in the game. I use to play for hours on games online and talk with multiple players. I did this for years. I introduced this game site to a lot of people now they can’t stop playing. I just gave up on it because I had better things to do with my life. I knew I was addicted to it, and the only way I knew to get rid of was to just quit. Yes I missed it very much in the beginning, but that soon went away. I missed the players I played with and kept up with a few, and pretty soon even that was gone.

People who design these games are hoping you will get addicted because some sites require a fee to play. Then you have the people who keep buying games because they feel they have to have them. Other people will stop eating or stop bathing and sleeping in order to keep playing that’s how strong this addiction is for some people. They will miss out on family events by isolating themselves, so they can keep on playing. Some Doctors think that giving people drugs may be the answer, I do not agree. You are just replacing one addiction with another. Talking with someone about this addiction may help. The best way I found to do it is limit your time. You have to wean yourself from this, spend a little time doing it then stop. Get to the point where you eventually lose interest. For me it was the money. I used my money for other things and not games, These games can quickly use your money, if you let that happen. If you spend just a short time everyday playing and then move on to something else, you will soon find out that life in the real world is far more exciting.

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