Gaming Growth

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Gaming is an interesting relatively new form of entertainment. It has become a multi billion dollar industry, and is fascinating in terms of how it affects us mentally and psychologically. People will go to great lengths to feed their gaming desire, even sitting in their homes while they get roofing repair taken care of on their home, with all the noise and workers all dancing around the single minded gamer in the middle of the storm.

Gaming is proven to increase some cognitive abilities, chiefly those of hand eye coordination. Professional gamers have far higher twitch reaction than their non gaming counterparts. A big part of gaming is how many successful clicks per second they can achieve, as this makes them faster at processing what is going on screen and then executing the appropriate tasks. In fact, the US Air Force used the RTS game StarCraft with its famous Zerg rush, in order to train their officers to be able to handle high stress situations with multiple points that need to be attended to. However, high amounts of gaming have also proven to desensitize, as can also be viewed with the mental states of drone pilots versus soldiers who have actually seen combat. This creates an interesting field that is still currently being explored, as gaming has only really recently become a mainstream pastime of America.

Gaming has also begun to unify the world in an unforeseen way. The internet and gaming have become married together beautifully now, with only gaming being the sole focus of certain companies. It has even spawned professional gaming, with games such as StarCraft, League of Legends and Counter Strike as well as other big titles, having large grand prize pots. Some teams even have sponsors. An other fun fact in terms of professional gaming is that in South Korea, StarCraft is considered the national pastime, with giant arenas filling up for the big events to be spectated, and the stars of each team being treated like they are celebrities, because they are.

Even on a smaller scale, online gaming has become a norm in the life of every gamer. If you are on a PC, you probably use the Steam client in order to download games and play online with your friends. The Playstation and X-Box have similar set ups of their own. On top of that, many gamers choose games based on their online, multiplayer ability, since that has come to replace the traditional split screen set up. Why share a screen and only be able to play with one friend, when you can have your own and play with the entire world? Most people opt for the bigger option, which is why most modern games have such a heavy focus on the online aspect of gaming.

Be it online or off, gaming is definitely the most modern and fastest growing entertainment branch currently existing. It allows people to immerse themselves in a completely different universe, for building skills, money, story or just casual entertainment.

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