Software for Online Gambling

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online gambling_228x219Software quality is a much debated and intricate problem. One can think of software quality in terms of rate, dependability, safety, user-friendliness yet at Mentor gaming our company believes that software quality pertains to the ability and also dedication of the group that keeps track of, updates and customizes the online gaming software.

It takes two clicks to mount the on the internet gaming software program from Advisor Video gaming however it took three years of marketing research and also software program development to make it possible. “Mentor Video gaming was started after 3 years of company research and software application development with a challenging goal: Produce the very best online video gaming encounter in order to provide our LCO (qualified online casino driver) the chance to end up being a leader in the on-line gaming sector” continued Mr. Peled.

The style of the online gambling sites powered by Mentor Gaming stands for the vision of the operator as they are all particularly customized for this objective. But they all keep a basic characteristic which is enabled by the photo-realistic 3D graphics: the genuine casino site ambience maintaining the enjoyment of the actual point, of land-based gambling establishments.

“Our quick growing group of skilled designers aids us keep the basic consumers get out of Coach Gaming. Demand for online gaming sites is growing. So are the incomes. A lot of individuals have an interest in purchasing an on-line gambling site. This is an excellent business as well as, with less than 2000 websites currently running, there is still lots of space for severe players. And for seasoned and dynamic programmer’s one might add” wrapped up Mr. Peled, Chief Executive Officer and Supervisor of Mentor Video gaming.

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Venture into Gaming

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So you have decided you would like to take the plunge into the PC gaming world, but are afraid that it is far too expensive. Although it may seem like it initially, this does not necessarily need to be the case. There is so much hardware on the market, that you can build a custom rig on just about any budget, and at least one that competes with the cost of a new console and TV. The only difference is that it may take a bit of research, patience and work from your end to manifest it, but it can definitely be a rewarding experience that is worth every penny!

First of all, stop looking at all those pre-built PC’s and drooling over them, you have already decided to build your own, which is definitely the right choice if you are on a budget, as you can get far more bang for your buck from a custom machine than one that is built for you or bought from a store. At this point, you simply have to figure out what your budget is. A good start is around the six hundred dollar mark, but that is not a hard number and can be lower if necessary, this becomes a bit of an art, when you start decided what parts you need more for whatever gaming type you will have. Sometimes you can save a few bucks on RAM, or a smaller HDD and then get yourself a better graphics card, other times you may favor having a bigger HDD so that you can fit all of your games and go for a less expensive graphics card, it all depends on what you are looking for in your gaming rig, that is the fun of a custom rig.

Once you have your budget all set, you can begin the hunt for your hardware. Online is usually where you can get the best deals, and if you have the patience, waiting for sales can yield great rewards in terms of savings. If you can bear to wait for all of your hardware to come separately, or you have a tight budget this is the option you should explore, however if you are more into quicker gratification, you can make things work for your budget even in real stores. Once you have decided what kind of PC you want, then go ahead and order the corresponding parts. When you have all the parts you are ready to start seriously having fun with the hobby of custom PC building.

After you have set up a good space to work, you can unwrap whatever hardware you need, personally, this is usually better than Christmas for me. Once your case and parts are all liberated, go ahead and begin mounting the parts. This process is a lot simpler than it seems. Your motherboard will have the appropriate directions for whatever order the parts should go in, and from there it is just a matter of finding the right spots for the corresponding parts, and making sure all the wires are plugged in properly. Do not fret if it does not come to life on the first try, you probably just left a wire unplugged so go ahead and double check, and if not, sometimes parts are dead on arrival, so it might not be your fault. All part of the fun of building your own PC!

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Building yo Rig

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Building your first rig can be exciting, but as well as that it can also be daunting if you have never done anything like it before. Do not worry, relax, it can all be taken care of and is really not that complicated once you get going. Have you ever played with that toy where you put the shapes through their corresponding holes? That and a how to are about the main skills you need to have. I remember when I first inherited the old family PC and was told it was mine to do with what I will. it did not take very long before I started understanding that it was not as good as the other PC, and before I started asking questions when we would go to the local PC shops as to what could be done about it. I had not even hit double digits when I saved up enough money and with a little help (and stern warning that that was the only PC I would have) from my family before I attempted some simple hardware upgrades. It was RAM and the HDD, which meant I would have to install the OS as well.

I remember starting with the RAM, as I had seen the gentleman in the store perform this and it looked relatively simple. It is. You remove the old RAM, and put the new RAM in properly. I fired up the PC to make sure everything was fine, and sure enough, the PC read the new RAM and was already feeling quicker. The HDD taught me a lesson however. I did not fully understand at the time that just because the HDD had an operating system on it before (it was used) it would not simply work like the RAM did. I hooked it all up and then my heart sank, which is a feeling you will get used to if you work on computers long enough. After some research though, I found the solution to my problem and had it all up and running by the end of the night. Feeling like I was some sort of tech genius, as well as feeling like I almost had a brand new computer was pretty satisfying, and begun an life long hobby for me. After that it was all down hill, I thought I could take on any problem. Of course this was not the case, and it took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of malfunctioning hardware to get to the point where you can intuitively know what is wrong, but once the initial trouble shooting concept is down, that is all you have to do.

As for an entire rig, it is much the same, but with more steps. Understanding the functions of each piece of hardware is the first step, and then after you begin researching what it is you want your PC to do, and find parts that are within your budget. Once you have all the appropriate parts, order a pizza and start putting them together one at a time, and by the end of the night you will have a brand new PC that is custom to you!

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Gaming Growth

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Gaming is an interesting relatively new form of entertainment. It has become a multi billion dollar industry, and is fascinating in terms of how it affects us mentally and psychologically. People will go to great lengths to feed their gaming desire, even sitting in their homes while they get roofing repair taken care of on their home, with all the noise and workers all dancing around the single minded gamer in the middle of the storm.

Gaming is proven to increase some cognitive abilities, chiefly those of hand eye coordination. Professional gamers have far higher twitch reaction than their non gaming counterparts. A big part of gaming is how many successful clicks per second they can achieve, as this makes them faster at processing what is going on screen and then executing the appropriate tasks. In fact, the US Air Force used the RTS game StarCraft with its famous Zerg rush, in order to train their officers to be able to handle high stress situations with multiple points that need to be attended to. However, high amounts of gaming have also proven to desensitize, as can also be viewed with the mental states of drone pilots versus soldiers who have actually seen combat. This creates an interesting field that is still currently being explored, as gaming has only really recently become a mainstream pastime of America.

Gaming has also begun to unify the world in an unforeseen way. The internet and gaming have become married together beautifully now, with only gaming being the sole focus of certain companies. It has even spawned professional gaming, with games such as StarCraft, League of Legends and Counter Strike as well as other big titles, having large grand prize pots. Some teams even have sponsors. An other fun fact in terms of professional gaming is that in South Korea, StarCraft is considered the national pastime, with giant arenas filling up for the big events to be spectated, and the stars of each team being treated like they are celebrities, because they are.

Even on a smaller scale, online gaming has become a norm in the life of every gamer. If you are on a PC, you probably use the Steam client in order to download games and play online with your friends. The Playstation and X-Box have similar set ups of their own. On top of that, many gamers choose games based on their online, multiplayer ability, since that has come to replace the traditional split screen set up. Why share a screen and only be able to play with one friend, when you can have your own and play with the entire world? Most people opt for the bigger option, which is why most modern games have such a heavy focus on the online aspect of gaming.

Be it online or off, gaming is definitely the most modern and fastest growing entertainment branch currently existing. It allows people to immerse themselves in a completely different universe, for building skills, money, story or just casual entertainment.

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PC vs Indie Gaming

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PC gaming is a fascinating aspect of gaming. There is a lot of loyalty to consoles, and to PC’s, with people referring to it as a war, which is a bit ridiculous. But PC gaming is arguably the most unique. It brought us indie gaming, and does not subscribe to any one particular format, which means it can be flexible. It is not without its down sides though, since it tends to be a bit more costly to initially set up a full gaming rig, and then you can have weird issues with the software or hardware. It takes a bit more maintenance really, but after that initially investment it is usually rewarding, and can pan out to be cheaper if you use Steam sales and are willing to be a patient gamer.

This leads me to my point as to why it is unique. It opened to market for indie gaming. PC gaming was able to do this because PC gamers usually have different priorities, and see their PCs as an all encompassing piece of equipment. They do not want to go back and forth between consoles. Your PC is far more backwards compatible with games than any current console, as well as arguably frontwards compatible, with it being a constantly up gradable piece of machinery. Indie gaming is the most interesting part of modern day developing. All of the large production houses give us big budget games with neat tricks and pretty graphics, but that does not always equate to an actual “good” game. This is a bit harder to define, because what makes a good game? The answer to that is an experience. If a game looks gorgeous, but bored you in terms of game play, then chances are you will not play it that much, and will speak negatively, as opposed to if a game has more old school graphics, but is totally fun to play, you will recommend it to your friends and keep playing it. This is where the indie game became king.

Indie gaming production houses only have a limited sized budget, so they have to get creative with it. Not only that, but as a smaller production, the games tend to be the work of only a few people, who end up loving them like children, devoting a large amount of attention to them. This gives us games that tend to be outside of the norm, be it with a fascinating story or a unique work around the ability to not be able to have big budget graphics. They also tend to sell for a lot less money, and that money tends to go mostly to the people who created the game, so you can actually feel like you support something you like, in order to see a sequel (this became a problem in the nineties when large corporations bought the smaller ones, so we stopped seeing random developers in mainstream gaming) or a different game in the same style. Go ahead and fire up your PC, no matter how old it is, it can probably run some indie games, and give it a try.

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Ahh the memories…

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I remember when I went to my first LAN party. It was my friends fourteenth birthday, and we got lucky and his parents had woodlands limos to come pick us and our rigs up. That was a rad experience, instead of having to pack all that random hardware, tower, monitors, keyboards and all that into our parents cars, we just loaded them in with us. I remember pretending to be already LANed up with our friends in the back seat of the limo, just being goofy kids. A couple of my other friends had been doing this for a while, but it took me forever to convince my mom at the time that it was totally normal practice to unhook everything off your computer and take it to you friends house. She still does not really get it.

Once we arrived at my friend’s house, his parents had set up the garage with a bunch of desks all facing each other and some power outlets, to use. There were only six of us, but it really felt like a scramble. I could not wait to play some StarCraft with my friends, at what to me seemed lightning fast speeds (I had 56K internet for the longest time, heck, I even remember 12.5K, that was the worst!) so that I could finally do justice to my battle tag. It was my friend’s birthday though, so he got to pick and we started with Counter Strike, which was not my strongest suit by far. After getting spanked for a while, we ate the traditional pepperoni pizza and got jacked up on Mountain Dew, we finally started getting down on some StarCraft.

I picked my favorite team, the Protoss, and started putting in my work. My friends have always favored the Zerg and I remember having fun doing my best to avoid getting rushed from all around. We ended up playing for hours, switching back and forth between games and stuffing our faces with junk food. I got my revenge on the battlefield now playing a game that I was better at. All in all, I got a few in, they got a few in, I had some panicked moments from the Zerg rush, just like StarCraft is supposed to be. That night I had my favorite gaming moment of all time, and it was LAN party specific, since modern gaming is done online. I remember so distinctly hearing one of my friends yelling all sorts of abuse at the other across the room, and then finally the one being yelled at calls back out that if he keeps camping he was going to do something about it. Of course one had to continue antagonizing the other, then he gets up, runs over to the other side of the road and punches him in the arm. Not the funniest moment in my life, but one that I remember and reminisce about sometimes, since I feel like most of my multiplayer gaming experience is now done online. Not to mention we got picked up in a limo, got to eat pizza and drink soda all night long.

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Reasons Why You Don’t Like Your Business Partner

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Somewhat off the cpu topic for a bit but this blog is about my life experiences within the industry so here we go. Do you have your own business? What do you do if your business partner is not putting in as much effort as you? What makes you to yell at your partner? The following are some reasons why I can no longer partner up with a person in a business.

Lazy – If you are a lazy person, then you should not start your own business. For a business, laziness means failure, loss, bankrupt, closing up, etc. You will never succeed in a business if you are lazy and not willing to work overtime. I have personally seen a client of mine in the pest control industry lose his entire livelihood because of his laziness.

Disorganize – To start your own business, you must be very organized because when starting up, there’s only you and your partners doing all the work. Most of the time there are not enough man power. If you are not organized, then very likely you will miss a lot of tasks and getting blamed. I first had this issue when I started my first business and, once I overcame it, saw more success.

Not Showing Up – Do not think that since you’re are one of the bosses, you can then not show up to work without notice. If you are really not able to show up at work because you need to meet with clients or have lunch with them, then you should inform your partners about these events. When people own a business they sometimes think they’re able to work whenever they want – that’s a big no no.

Ideas Without Action – No matter how many ideas you have, if you are not putting them into action, then there’s no point to bring them up in meetings just to impress your partners. It will just make you look worse.

Over Exaggerate Your Words – Sometimes, it is necessary to exaggerate your words in order to overcome the customers. But if you over exaggerate or if you are doing it every time you talk, then it is going to hurt your business because the customers will soon realize the inaccuracy. Customers are not stupid. Stick to the truth!

Not Living Up to Your Words – If you said you would do something, then you better do it. If you don’t think you can complete it, then at least you should give it a try. You can always learn something from the experience.

Cheating On Customers – Don’t cheat! If you charged your customer more than what the amount should be, then you better refund it or give your customer a discount on his next purchase. It will hurt your company’s reputation if the customer found out that you cheated. I once worked for a roof contractor that taught me about integrity and ensuring that the customer is always happy.

These are some of my reasons why I don’t like my business partner if he is such a person. To be honest, it is fine to me if you are my friend with these characteristics. However, for a business partner, these characteristics are not acceptable. If you have talked to your partner about the problems listed above and he just give you a bunch of excuses in response, then it is time to leave, either you or your partner.

What are your reasons? (or excuses?)

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