Protect Your Data From Service Technicians & More

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When you turn in your computer to a computer store for repair service, have you ever wonder who could have access to your data? Are you 100% trusting the computer technician that he/she would not scan through your hard drives for sensitive data? It is a fact that there is a small number of computer technicians who are a little too interested in looking through your data. Otherwise, the Hong Kong singer Edison Chen scandal wouldn’t have happened. If you don’t know what happened, you can Google for “Edison Chen”. So, what can you do to make sure your data are not being looked through or stolen when turning your computer in for service?

When troubleshooting most of the computer problems, only the drive that contains the operating system is needed. The user files are not needed unless the problem is related to some of the user files such as data recovery or virus removal. Hence, all you need to give to the computer technician is the hardware and the drive with the OS. The best solution is to store the OS and the user files separately on two physical hard drives.

For the average user, a 80GB hard drive is more than enough to store the OS and the program files. You can then get a hard drive of any size you want just for storing the user files. When you turn in your computer for service, you can take the hard drive out before handing over your computer. For more convenience, you can get a hard drive drawer (mobile rack) that is usually cost $20 – $30 CAD. With the drawer, it saves you the time to open up the computer case and loosen the screws.

Another way you can have your data stolen or taken is by random people allowed into your home or office like a plumber, roof contractor, or pest control company.  Sometimes allowing strangers into your home, even if they are representing a legit company, can be the easiest way for someone to get your information without you knowing it.  This is another strong reason to support protecting your data and all of your important information.  I have personally seen a situation where a limo driver actually stole information, sensitive photos, and a credit card number from someone’s phone that was left in the limousine after a rental.

Never trust anyone – always protect yourself from anyone at all times buy going through the appropriate channels, adding passwords and ensuring your laptops, phones, and hard drives are safe.

If you are using a notebook, then I suggest you to keep all your user files in one folder and add a password to protect this folder. There are a number of programs that will provide password protection. When a folder is password protected, people are usually lazy to crack it. Unfortunately, there is still a chance of your data being stolen.

Just make sure that you are always on your game and are always protecting your information in this digital age.

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