Reasons Why You Don’t Like Your Business Partner

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Somewhat off the cpu topic for a bit but this blog is about my life experiences within the industry so here we go. Do you have your own business? What do you do if your business partner is not putting in as much effort as you? What makes you to yell at your partner? The following are some reasons why I can no longer partner up with a person in a business.

Lazy – If you are a lazy person, then you should not start your own business. For a business, laziness means failure, loss, bankrupt, closing up, etc. You will never succeed in a business if you are lazy and not willing to work overtime. I have personally seen a client of mine in the pest control industry lose his entire livelihood because of his laziness.

Disorganize – To start your own business, you must be very organized because when starting up, there’s only you and your partners doing all the work. Most of the time there are not enough man power. If you are not organized, then very likely you will miss a lot of tasks and getting blamed. I first had this issue when I started my first business and, once I overcame it, saw more success.

Not Showing Up – Do not think that since you’re are one of the bosses, you can then not show up to work without notice. If you are really not able to show up at work because you need to meet with clients or have lunch with them, then you should inform your partners about these events. When people own a business they sometimes think they’re able to work whenever they want – that’s a big no no.

Ideas Without Action – No matter how many ideas you have, if you are not putting them into action, then there’s no point to bring them up in meetings just to impress your partners. It will just make you look worse.

Over Exaggerate Your Words – Sometimes, it is necessary to exaggerate your words in order to overcome the customers. But if you over exaggerate or if you are doing it every time you talk, then it is going to hurt your business because the customers will soon realize the inaccuracy. Customers are not stupid. Stick to the truth!

Not Living Up to Your Words – If you said you would do something, then you better do it. If you don’t think you can complete it, then at least you should give it a try. You can always learn something from the experience.

Cheating On Customers – Don’t cheat! If you charged your customer more than what the amount should be, then you better refund it or give your customer a discount on his next purchase. It will hurt your company’s reputation if the customer found out that you cheated. I once worked for a roof contractor that taught me about integrity and ensuring that the customer is always happy.

These are some of my reasons why I don’t like my business partner if he is such a person. To be honest, it is fine to me if you are my friend with these characteristics. However, for a business partner, these characteristics are not acceptable. If you have talked to your partner about the problems listed above and he just give you a bunch of excuses in response, then it is time to leave, either you or your partner.

What are your reasons? (or excuses?)

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