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PC vs Indie Gaming

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in Gaming, PC Games | Comments Off on PC vs Indie Gaming

PC gaming is a fascinating aspect of gaming. There is a lot of loyalty to consoles, and to PC’s, with people referring to it as a war, which is a bit ridiculous. But PC gaming is arguably the most unique. It brought us indie gaming, and does not subscribe to any one particular format, which means it can be flexible. It is not without its down sides though, since it tends to be a bit more costly to initially set up a full gaming rig, and then you can have weird issues with the software or hardware. It takes a bit more maintenance really, but after that initially investment it is usually rewarding, and can pan out to be cheaper if you use Steam sales and are willing to be a patient gamer.

This leads me to my point as to why it is unique. It opened to market for indie gaming. PC gaming was able to do this because PC gamers usually have different priorities, and see their PCs as an all encompassing piece of equipment. They do not want to go back and forth between consoles. Your PC is far more backwards compatible with games than any current console, as well as arguably frontwards compatible, with it being a constantly up gradable piece of machinery. Indie gaming is the most interesting part of modern day developing. All of the large production houses give us big budget games with neat tricks and pretty graphics, but that does not always equate to an actual “good” game. This is a bit harder to define, because what makes a good game? The answer to that is an experience. If a game looks gorgeous, but bored you in terms of game play, then chances are you will not play it that much, and will speak negatively, as opposed to if a game has more old school graphics, but is totally fun to play, you will recommend it to your friends and keep playing it. This is where the indie game became king.

Indie gaming production houses only have a limited sized budget, so they have to get creative with it. Not only that, but as a smaller production, the games tend to be the work of only a few people, who end up loving them like children, devoting a large amount of attention to them. This gives us games that tend to be outside of the norm, be it with a fascinating story or a unique work around the ability to not be able to have big budget graphics. They also tend to sell for a lot less money, and that money tends to go mostly to the people who created the game, so you can actually feel like you support something you like, in order to see a sequel (this became a problem in the nineties when large corporations bought the smaller ones, so we stopped seeing random developers in mainstream gaming) or a different game in the same style. Go ahead and fire up your PC, no matter how old it is, it can probably run some indie games, and give it a try.

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