The New Nintendo Switch

Posted by on Mar 19, 2017 in Gaming | Comments Off on The New Nintendo Switch

It is quite exciting playing the Nintendo Switch for the first time. The first time I moved the Switch from playing one hand to the dock, I realize just how hasslefree this handheld game turned into a television-based game console. It was quite an amazing feeling.

The Wii U was the initial attempt from Nintendo to provide a tablet-based game console. It ended up being quite the failure. So now, Nintendo has come up with this new system to try to get their business back on track and up-to-date with today’s gamers. The Switch has already seen quite a bit of success, which does not surprise me. It’s almost like Nintendo is trying to make good on the promises they made with the Wii U, correcting their course and getting back on track. This amazing game system is its own entity, completely unlike the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

There is nothing quite like playing a game in portable mode, then docking it into the console and finishing your game on the television. This is very likely the future for portable gaming, allowing players to have many more options when it comes to using the game system. Nintendo has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to bridging the gap between the console and mobile playing. Even roofing companies are getting in on the action by holding events for their employees.

One of the places that Nintendo really messed up with the Wii U was in its hardware. The software was good, but it wasn’t strong enough to help the system succeed. The Switch’s infrastructure in its entirety will be patched into the system within a day of the consumer receiving it.

So far, the only downfall of the system is the lack of games available at the time. Of course, there are many games in the works, so there will be plenty for gamers to enjoy in the near future. Nintendo certainly has a great start with this game system. I look forward to seeing how far they get with it.

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