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A great world of games

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A great world of games

Technology makes unbelievable progress from day to and, and games are following that trend. There is huge number of games that span over dozens of genres. New genres come out every few months, new genres created through merges of different genres. But in reality there are few game genres that are original, and other genres are just subgenres of them. It is important to mention them and write a little bit about each of them.

Action genre has sprawled many subgenres, merging action with elements from other genres. But in its core action genres is focused on games that require good motor skills and high eye-hand coordination. This big genre has few notable subgenres that are as vast as action genre is, having many subgenres within.
Action-adventure includes parts of action based games added to adventure the main character is set upon. Good example of true action adventure game would be Zelda series, but this genre has few different subgenres that are worth noting, stealth and survival horror games.
Adventure games are more laid back than their action counterpart, and no reflexes are needed to enjoy such game. Some of the games that belong to this genre has puzzles within them, which makes them adventure puzzle games.

RPG’s or Role Playing Games, are games that set a character on a path, in linear or in most cases in recent years in open world where they can develop their skills through various leveling systems in order to progress and meet challenges that game has. This genre ha many sub-genres, rogue-like games for example, or huge online games that belong to MMORPG genre. In latest years RPG games have left confined linear games that have few set paths and joined open world games with sandbox type gameplay ( they can be story driven or not ).
Simulation genre is reserved for games that try to imitate certain jobs from real world and allow players to do those things in game ( Farming Simulator for example ). This genre alsohas few subgenres worth noting in this article, genres like life simulation ( that makes player take care of their main character or a group or community of characters ) or City building games that give players power over decisions of building a town, in which player has to manage all aspects of the town, like pollution or traffic jams.

Strategy has been PC exclusive genre of games for most of the history. Reason for that is complexity of some of thestrategy games. Some of those games require whole keyboards to play in order to manage all aspects of faction/country you are running. Strategy has evolved in many different subgenre paths including turn based games, space games, and most intriguing 4x games ( 4x means expand, explore, exploit and exterminate, not in the right order but you get what I want to say ).

Sports games have evolved far as well. Good portion and big subgenre of sports games are racing games which also evolved in few subgenres like street racing and tuning cars.

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